Turnkey Plant Erection

Turnkey Plant Erection

Turnkey plant erection service, is not only construction of the plant but also cover activities like start up, commissioning, guarantees etc. In the context of this service, following task will be performed.

Site Supervision and Reporting

Progress of the plant construction will be reported in periods to the investor by the supervisor assigned to the site activities from beginning of the construction until commissioning.

Control and Management of Supplier, Contractor and other Agents

Activities and coordination of suppliers, contractors and any other involving partner’s activities will be monitored and managed according to work packages, critical checkpoints, milestones etc. provided by these partners.

Follow up Through Detailed Business Plan

A business plan covering time until commissioning will be created from information obtained from partners. Work packages, checkpoints and milestones will be identified and monitored closely.

Follow up and Management of Other Task

Tasks excluding construction like Energy transmission lines, transformer etc. will be performed and managed parallel to construction without preventing or slowing construction process.

EMRA and TEIAS Commissioning

Following of the construction, necessary tests and analysis will be performed prior to YEKDEM commissioning. Full support will be provided during the commissioning.

EPC Commissioning

After the finish of all construction and YEKDEM commissioning, EPC commissioning will take place. Handing over of the plant will be performed only after the fulfillment of predocumented conditions met.