Project Management

Project Management

A good management of the project after a careful planning and project development is next step in the biogas power plant erection process. Services provided in this context are given below.

Preparation and management of agreements

Pales provide all necessary support to legal advisers of the investor in preparation and execution of waste purchase agreements and any other agreement with suppliers of technology, service and equipment.

Selection, control and management of suppliers

Pales monitors all necessary feasibility reports, business plan, schedule, application etc. by collecting them from suppliers.

Preparation of detailed business plan

Pales plans the timeline of the project and create a schedule of the works with the information obtained from suppliers. All work packages, critical checkpoints and milestones will be identified and followed through the business plan.

Management of integration of suppliers

All work packages, critical checkpoints and milestones will be followed. Their consistency with business plan will be monitored and coordination of the supplier will be managed.

Reporting of project development

A progress report will be prepared for the investor in each time period defined by the investor.

Management of legal applications

Legal applications of the project will be monitored and progress will be managed. In this context, a complete service on License, EIA and incentive processes will be provided.

Support in Finance meetings

Pales provides all technical and financial support to investor and finance institution in meeting with finance institutions.