Project Development

Project Development

In development phase of a Project following criteria are monitored for a sustainable and healthy development.

Selection of the right project region

It is critical phase of the Project. Our specialists select regions according to availability, volume and type of the waste. In our 11 years of work experience, we can delicately pinpoint which type of waste can be purchased from where at which conditions.

Choosing the right biomass

All biomass types cannot be used in the same way due to its characteristics. Our experience on biomass and technologies provide necessary guidelines for investor, thereby preventing investor’s loss of time. Investor can put all his effort on the correct waste type.

Defining size of the Project

Evaluation of project site and biomass types carries great importance in determining resizing and repetition of the project. Defining the size of the plant according the whole waste potential is surely unwise. We lead investor to the optimum project size and resizing plan by investigating current and future waste potential of the region.

Selection of the right project site

In selection of the project site, we look for the optimum land in respect to price of the land, waste logistics, geology, soil quality, compatibility with national and local regulations, distance to transformer site and transmission line etc.

Support in preparation and evaluation of agreement

Pales provide all necessary support to legal advisers of the investor in preparation of waste purchase agreements and any other agreement with suppliers of technology, service and equipment.

Support in financial restructuring

Pales attends to all meetings with different finance institutions like angel investor, finance foundations, private equity funds and venture capitals along with investor. Any necessary technical and financial reports will be prepared to present finance institutions.