Maintenance and Repair Services

Maintenance and Repair Services

Maintenance, repair and operation is as much important as construction and assembly. With the service provided, erected plant can be in service at least 8.300 hours per year. Desired service time also means 8,3 million kWh electricity, 5.800 tons steam and 7.00 tons of organic fertilizer. This performance requires also a good maintenance and repair as well as a team to perform these tasks. Therefore a well experienced team and technical support to the team is crucial.
Pales, provides necessary technical support, equipment, materials and spare parts to the project whether plant is in the insurance period or not with its team of local and forein experts, subcontractors and suppliers.
A good maintenance is an absolute for a succesful plant operation and sustainable management. A working system need to be established and operated.
In this context, maintenance and repair service provided by Pales offers following components.

    In this context, a full time maintenance-repair team will be assigned to the plant. This team took his necesssary education on a full scale plant operation and have all necessary knowledge and experience on plant maintenance and repair.
    Maintenance & Repair team controls and manages spare part and supply reserve, maintenance schedule, conditions of equipments and supplies and their renewal calender. Team supports operation by providing a succesful performance on these task.

    In this context, Pales monitor, provide and stock all necessary spare parts and supplies. Pales takes full responsibility of stock of the supplies and spare parts in the time of need.

    All plants receiving Pales’ maintenance & repair service, benefits from extended warranty conditions for various classes of equipment and supplies. This service is only valid if the plant is operated by Pales operation team.

    Biogas power plants will have a sustainable operation because of high efficiency, service hours per year and profitability provided by well educated and experienced team and technology network of Pales.